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Elevated Benefits, PLLC

Where Integrity Meets Insurance

  • When was the last time you talked to or saw your broker besides Open Enrollment?
  • When did your broker last talk to you about life insurance?
  • What system did your broker put in place to track your employee benefits for you?
  • Does your broker educate your employees on how to be better consumers of their health care?
  • Did your broker educate you about the value of “risk management strategies” and how they can help lower your insurance premiums?
  • Did You know you can get a national dental PPO, vision, and life plan for about a dollar a day per employee?

How Would Group Employer-Sponsored Plans Impact You?

  • Reduce cost. It usually reduces costs for the employer and employee.
  • Retain and Attract employees. About 49% of small employers offer group health. Your competition may be getting the best out of the employee pool.
  • You can share the costs with the employees.
  • 87% of small business owners cite attracting and retaining employees as important reasons to offer benefits.

Expert Conversations

Elevated Benefits, PLLC was not born from insurance but from our personal experiences with insurance and in business. We’ve built our brokerage by listening to what our clients are asking for and their business challenges and developing solutions that work. It’s in our DNA.

Dedicated Service

Insurance and service are often not as synonymous as they should be. At Elevated Benefits, PLLC, we focus on being available to our clients and their employees. Being available allows us to serve our clients and educate their employees to be better healthcare consumers.

Innovative Options

At Elevated Benefits, PLLC, we ask you questions about your business so we get to know you and what your challenges are. Insurance is not a one-size-fits-all solution. Once we get to know you and your business, we can custom-design innovative solutions to address the things that matter most to your bottom line and your team.

Added Value

Brokers often show up for open enrollment and have a “See you next year” approach, leaving business owners and employees to fend for themselves. At Elevated Benefits, PLLC, our clients and employees will not only be able to contact our brokers directly but will have a team dedicated to helping your employees with things like getting copies of ID cards, explaining employee benefits, negotiating reductions in incorrect invoices (70% are false!), and more!

We Will Earn The Right To Be Not Just Your Company’s Benefits Advisor, But Your Family’s As Well!

There is nothing more refreshing than finding the right business partner. We are benefits advisors working for you with access to multiple carriers nationwide. We are not a captive agency with limited resources to shop from. Give us six months to work for you, and if we do not exceed your expectations, we can part as friends. If, on the other hand, we do what you expect of an agency, all we ask is that you tell others about us.

About Elevated Benefits, PLLC

Our Partners

I have been on both sides of the benefits fence. I have been the injured employee who has needed guidance for using my benefits. I have run a business and required assistance to navigate the challenges of insurance for my company and its employees. I am now dedicated to being a resource for business owners and their employees. I help them to protect their assets, provide education as needed, manage their employee benefits, and help them to maximize the value of their benefits program.

Eric L.

I’m an experienced professional, having excelled in a number of businesses prior to insurance. As a business consultant, I recognized that my focus MUST be on what’s important to you, your goals, and your security. Helping others achieve these things makes a difference in the lives of my clients and my community and is the most rewarding aspect of what I do. Allow me to help you crystalize your goals, chart a course to achieve your objectives, and protect what’s most important to you.

Mitch B.

Our Commitment

Through our extensive experience with many industries, we have first-hand experience with what it takes to maintain a healthy bottom line while taking care of your people. We will earn the right to be your Benefits Advisor, so your benefits package will work for you!

Questions About Benefits That Keep Business Owners Awake At Night:

  • What does a “complete benefits package” look like?
  • Can we increase the “stickiness” between us and our employees and lower the financial impact on our bottom line?
  • How can we educate our employees on the importance of taking advantage of our benefits package they (and their families) find valuable without breaking the bank?
  • Since our focus is not insurance, how can we accomplish this without increasing our payroll, and how can this be done so the non-insurance professional can make sense of it all?

Let us discuss how we can earn the right to be your Benefits Advisor for your business and your employees. We’ll teach your employees how to be better consumers of their health care while being an unpaid extension to your team. This reduces utilization, positively affecting your bottom line and increasing your relationships with your workforce.